Newark Turn Verein
National Turn Verein

<1873>-<1880>: 301/303 Plane Street
<1882>-<1907>: 184 William Street (destroyed by fire)
<1909>-<1945>: 211-219 Bruce Street


Organized ~1847

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Newspaper Articles

June 9, 1907 - Probing by Fire Board into Turn Hall Tragedy
June 16, 1907 - National Turners on an Outing Nineteen Years Ago
June 23, 1907 - Firemen Were Not To Blame
July 21, 1907 - Festival to be a Big Event

In 1909 the Newark Turn Verein had a membership of 800 adults.  More youths are also connected with the society.  They had large gymnastic classes and well as being active in bowling, baseball, basketball, cycling, shuffleboard and practically every branch of sport.  The colors of the organization were red and black.  Originally known as the Social Turn Verein in 1847, 30 years later they joined forceds with the Independent Turners and finally were known as the Newark Turn Verein.