New Jersey Historical Society

<~1852>-<~1859>: 115 Market Street
<~1871>-<1901>: 757 Broad Street
<1902>-<~1929>: 16 W. Park Street
<~1932>-<~1940>: 232 Broadway
<?>-<Present): 52 Park Place


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The new location of the NJHS at 52 Park Place formerly housed the Essex Club, a club for upscale Newark businessmen.

From: "Newark, the Metropolis of New Jersey" Published by the Progress Publishing Co. 1901

The New Jersey Historical Society, which has a strong representation in this city, originated in Trenton, and was incorporated February 6, 1846. It has a most valuable collection of rare and interesting works in its library rooms at 757 Broad

From: Rider's Newark 1916

The New Jersey Historical Society was organized at Trenton in the City Hall, Feb. 27th, 1845. The roll of charter members was closed on May 7th following, with a membership of 88, of whom 26 were residents of Newark. Many of the present members are sons and grandsons of the founders.

The scope of the society includes History, Biography, Genealogy, and related branches. Students of local and national history, genealogists and antiquarians will find a rich mine of documentary and published material. Naturally the history of Newark has received special attention.

The society's collection contains a great variety of curios dating from revolutionary and colonial days: Among others, the old colonial grants from Charles II to James and from James to Carteret and Lord Berkely; a collection of portraits, extending all the way around the gallery railing, and including portraits of Aaron Burr and of Captain James Lawrence; also Lawrence's hat and coat; a marble bust of Pauline Bonaparte, by Canova; a case of rare autograph letters; household articles, china, glass, silverware, etc. A bright day should be chosen as the light is poor.

Upstairs, in the gallery, is the Howard W. Hayes collection, presented by Mrs. Hayes in 1905 as a memorial to her husband. Judge Hayes spent many years in collecting rare objects of art both in Europe and America; and while the collection is small, it repays a visit. It includes 60 specimens of pottery and porcelain, many of them Chinese antiques, pink peach-blow, green peach-blow, ets; 28 bronzes, Chinese, French and miscellaneous, among them six by Antoine Louis Barye; a special collection of books illustrated by Thomas Bewick, and works relating to him; eight antique rugs; and a score of painting. The latter include, Figure Bathing by Henner; Landscape by Isabey; Landscape, by L'hermitte; Landscape by A. H. Wyant.