Roseville Lion's Club


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1948 Roseville Lion's Club

Can you identify any of the men pictured in the above image?
If so please contact R. Craig Kammerer
Those already identified are listed below the picture.

Already Identified

Bottom row--ground
??----Art ?----Judge Horace Belfato --Dr. Sy Preston--Frank Renner(Renner's Hardware)--- Bob Cole

First row seated--L to R
??- Art Tellone [Liquor]--Richard Kammerer [Cross Radio]--- Herb Dwyer -- Jules Geroni -- Marty Rafferty --??-- Art Pulis

Next Row back---standing
??---??---Val Sturchio [BBall cap]---rest unknown

Next row back
??---Norm Shawger [butcher, face hidden]--rest unknown

Way back with boy----Joe Zubris