New Jersey and The Rebellion
by John Y. Foster

Newark, NJ
Martin R Dennis & Co

Page 40 & 41- Hostilities commenced-Bull Run

6. The National Intelligencer (Washington) thus referred to the brigade upon its arrival in the city The whole brigade, with its four pieces of artillery, arrived at Annapolis on Sunday, May 5th, in twenty eight hours from Trenton, and proceeded for Washington, it is stated that the fourteen transports, with a strong convoy, commander F.R.Loper made a splendid appearance, steaming in two lines down the Chesapeake. They had been greeted by a great Union demonstration as they passed along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. They are armed with the Mini musket, but are to have the Mini rifle and sword-bayonet. The splendid stand of colors brought with them was presented to the (First) Regiment by the High School in Washington Street, Newark, just prior to their departure for Washington. This regiment is composed of some of the best men in the State, and in athletic appearance, as well as general soldierly department, are a credit to the country.