R. H. A. of N. J. Matinee Newark, N. J.
Article from the June 1930 Harness Horse

June 26—Despite small fields in each of the three events contested today there were a number of close finishes in fast time. Bright Spot, a three-year-old Abbedale 2:013/4 filly owned by Mrs. Mabel Hennion, Wanaque, N. J., with friend husband Clifford driving, proved the class of the first event, Class C trot or pace.

Class B trot or pace proved to be a tight contest with the aged trotter Holly Hesper 2:11. b m, by Hollyrood Prince, owned and driven by Eugene Carpenter, the class of the trio of starters although George Van Wicklin's three-year-old filly Over the Hill by Prologue 3, 2:10 put up a stirring contest, forcing Hollyrood Hesper to trot the second heat In 2:11 to win. McCall, Maison Steele's big stallion by Mr. McElwyn 1:591/4, won the opening heat in slow time, 2:191/2, the next two heats were sparklers both in the matter of time and the fiery manner in which they were contested, with Hollyrood Hesper the winner.

Comet High, the Ace High pacer owned by Charles Rynoa, Plainfield, N. J., and driven by George Van Wicklin, was very sharp today, winning the first heat in 2:103/4 for the fastest mile of the year at the Park. The pacer, however, had a stern opponent in Wanita Frisco, owned and driven by Albert R. Boylan.